During the quiet months of January and February, we put our time to good use and went to visit a few breweries in Scotland in search of some wonderful new collaborations. After months in the making, a bit of foraging for heather and a few tweaks to the recipes, we are now ready to release them.

Without further ado, we introduce:

  • Heather Smoked Garlic Pickle: This pickle uses Maverick from Fyne Ales which adds great depth to the garlicky flavour and with a touch of bittersweet smoke. This pickle is great as a base for curries, stir-fries or sauces.
  • Heather Smoked Chilli Porter Pickle: This chilli pickle uses the Black Isle Organic Brewery’s Organic Porter.  The porter brings depth and enhances the fresh flavour of the chilli, with a bittersweet touch of smoke left on the pallet. This pickle is great served with or used in you curries or rice dishes.
  • Spicy Heather Smoker Carrot Pickle: This carrot pickle uses In The Dark We Live from Tempest Brew Co. The beer has complemented the slight bitter sweetness from the smoked carrots wonderfully. With a bit of spice its great served with poppadoms, curries or used as a base for rice dishes.

The first release of our limited edition series. Once a year, we plan to bring you collaborations with breweries from the different regions of the UK. First up is Scotland. Scotland has a special place in Harry’s heart as it is where he grew up and this is the main reason he choose to start here. There are several old and new Scottish Breweries we are fond of, which made choosing three very hard. Four months in the making, this range of Heather Smoked Pickles has been developed and balanced to perfection. A great Sottish Twist on some of the world’s favourite pickle styles. This is a limited edition, so we suggest you get them while you can!

Make sure you check our Facebook page for a chance to win all three!

Limited Edition Scottish Release Now Available

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