GingerBeard’s Preserves is a company based in Bristol. We are all about making awesome tasting, award winning craft preserves.

Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure quality, using no artificial preservatives, pectins or gelling agents.

We love playing around with ingredients, in particular where collaborations are concerned which is what we concentrate on here at GingerBeard’s Preserves. We collaborate with a wide range of companies in the food & drinks industry, especially breweries. We pair their beers with carefully selected ingredients to create unique products with great depth and flavour. Our sauces, chutneys, pickles and more are forged to complement cuisines from around the world.

In our core range, you will find our local collaborations such as the Milk Stout Chipotle BBQ Sauce or No Rest: A Garlic Pickle for Dancers as well as more traditional products with a GingerBeard’s Preserves twist like our Lime Pickle or our Mango Chutney. We also make a variety of limited releases; these are one-offs so snap them up while you can!

GingerBeard’s Preserves started in November 2014 after almost a year’s worth of planning and development. After moving to Bristol from Scotland, Harry who was working as a chef, started playing around with a wider variety ingredients and making preserves for himself. This was also around the time when the craft beer scene starting getting really popular in the UK, and being a fan of beer, Harry paired the two and GingerBeard’s Preserves was born.

At GingerBeard’s Preserves we are passionate about doing our bit for the environment. Our products are produced seasonally using as much local produce that we can get our hands on. We do not produce into plastic containers; even our tamper seals are made 100% of plant material. Pretty much all of the packaging from our ingredients is reused, recycled or donated to a scrapstore to be upcycled and our food waste (onions peels, chilli stalks etc) is collected by a van powered on gas produced by the waste it collects! We only supply our products to independent businesses, no supermarkets.

If you are looking for somewhere to start, we recommend trying some of our personal favourites and best-selling products, our Moor Amoor Chipotle Ketchup. The Ketchup is a medium-spiced sauce with great depth and character and is lovely with breakfasts and BBQ food. Our Pale Ale & Juniper Mustard, with a nice little punch our mustard was made for salt beef but pairs well with steak, ham and makes a mean salad dressing!

To date we are delighted to have won several awards, check the link for details.

We are very small company not interested in making lots of money; instead we thoroughly enjoy what we do and after paying ourselves – we put all profits back into the business to create even more new and exciting products for the people to enjoy!

Harry & Claire from GingerBeard’s Preserves

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