Here at GingerBeard’s Preserves we are all about being environmentally friendly!
Everything that can be recycled and re-used is!

  • We source our ingredients locally or though local companies where possible.
  • We do not produce anything in plastic containers.
  • We deliver locally by bike or foot where possible.
  • We reuse most of our packaging.
  • Empty containers from our ingredients are donated to the Children’s Scrapstore in St Werburghs, these are then up-cycled into artwork.
  • Our tamper sleeves are made from 100% biodegradable plant material.
  • We are now having all of our labels printed on 100% biodegradable paper.
  • All of our food waste, onion skins, chilli stalks, apple peel etc is collected by Geneco in a van powered by the waste it collects.
Our return your jar policy:
  • Return your empty jars to get free stuff!
  • Get one free pot for every 5 empty jars returned!
  • Return your jars directly to us at any markets or festivals.

Please note that all returned jars and bottles are thoroughly cleaned again before they are sterilized and used for product development. All lids are replaced with new ones to ensure the new product is correctly sealed. The jars are not used for resale. 


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